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Idk, My BFF Food?

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A few days ago, I posted this video.


Food wasn’t always my friend.

I used to beat myself up if I strayed from my diet.

One pretzel could bring down all of my progress in a single crunch.


My diet: SHOT

Why was I so weak?

Where was my willpower?

How can I ever come back from this mistake?


WHOA. If you are resonating with this topic right now I want you to take a deep breath.



and out….


Shaming yourself for your food choices doesn’t make you feel good and it certainly doesn’t help you lose weight.


It’s mentally taxing to and physically exhausting to obsess over food. Your body becomes stressed when you feel guilt or shame.


Stress leads to a plethora of physical problems, such as:

Low energy

Aches and pains

Digestive upset


Loss of sexual desire (!!!!!)

Lowered immune system

Weight gain

This is because when the body feels stress in any form, it shuts down and activates fight or flight mode. This can raise cortisol levels, the stress hormone released by the adrenals, which floods the body with glucose (energy)that allows the body to be ready for ACTION (face the beast or run for your life) 

If the body is constantly feeling stress in the form of guilt, shame, worry, or every day stressors and these perceived “threats” never goes away, the body can become physically and mentally exhausted while bodily functions become disrupted.

My advice?

Take a breath and remember these truths:

Another day will come, and with that day comes another chance to enhance your well being with a better food choice.


That one bowl of gluten or slice of sugar pie won’t make you less of a person.


The act of eating should be a pleasurable one. Savor the flavor, inhale the magnificent aromas and be reminded of the divine miracle it took for this food to be in front of you.


Food is fuel. It is a necessity to live a vibrant, energetic life. Your tank might require premium while your friends’ function on regular. Learn what fuel makes YOU feel good inside and out and repeat QD prn. (every day as needed)

You are enough. You are worthy.   You are beautiful now in this moment.

Now I want to hear from you!

Have you felt guilt or shame over a food choice you made?

How do you view food now? 

Tell me more in the comment section or email me at to chat.


Is Self Love Selfish?

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Do you tend to meet other peoples needs before your own?

Do you pick on yourself, the way you act or the way you look?

Do you often feel guilty or shameful for the food choices you make?

Do you hold your tongue in situations often so as to not “make waves?”

Is it difficult for you to tell people NO?

Do you feel selfish accepting help from others or taking time for your needs?

Are you feeling mentally and physically drained day to day?


If you answered yes to  most of these you could have a negative association with self-love.

 WHAT is self love?

It’s the deliberate practice of taking responsibility for your needs and desires by creating your life in a way that honors them.

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for your NEEDS and DESIRES. <—-Who else is gonna take responsibility for your needs and desires? HINT: It’s not your boyfriend, your mom or your BFF.


I was led to believe it was narcissistic for wanting to put my needs first, that the ultimate act of love was to give all you had to others.



It totally feels good to share the wealth! When you are able to lift someone else’s spirits in any way,  it makes your heart explode with love and gratitude…


…but if we continually give love to everyone else without REPLENISHING our own stock, we eventually drain our resources!


The truth is that when we love ourselves first, we acknowledge our own POWER. Self-love translates to HOW YOU VALUE YOURSELF. If you don’t value yourself, you allow others to take advantage of your time and energy, thereby rendering you a less vibrant, less productive person.


Accept your body and mind as it stands NOW, not in the future when you lose 10 lbs or meet the person of your dreams. It is so very difficult to build strong connections with others when you don’t have a sturdy foundation of self love to begin with.


When you have refueled your self love tank, your capacity to positively influence others expands.

So ask yourself…


If I truly loved myself, what would I do?


I want to hear from you!

Leave a comment below and tell me what you would do if you truly loved yourself TODAY!


XOxO Sam