Chocolate Cherry Bliss Balls+Golden Ratio Protein Blends

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I’ve got something amazing to talk about today.


This stuff is pure MAGIC.

Golden Ratio was created by my friend and mentor, celebrity trainer Bizzie Gold. Bizzie also created BUTI Yoga, a practice I’ve been devoted for 2 years now. After training with Bizzie in L.A. over the last few months, I became hooked on Golden Ratio and felt inspired to experiment in the kitchen with this life-changing product!


Golden Ratio might be my favorite protein powder in the world for a few reasons:

  • It tastes amazing. UH-MAY-ZING!
  • It’s grain and dairy free
  • It contains COLLAGEN, beneficial for joint health, gut health and supports healthy hair, skin and nails!
  • Did I mention the TASTE?
  • It’s affordable
  • It uses no artificial sweeteners<—-HOLLA!

No, I’m not a body builder who lives off protein powder, but I am a chick who enjoys quality products that taste great and deliver epic results. Golden Ratio accomplishes all that and MORE in my opinion, which is why I enjoy using it in different recipes as well as in my daily morning routine.

Today, I’m featuring a perfect summer treat recipe using Golden Ratio Chocolate Bliss Protein Blends. Golden Ratio pumps up the protein in these little bliss balls, keeping you super satisfied and energized without weighing you down.

Chocolate Cherry Bliss Balls

refined sugar-free, dairy free and grain free  treats



1 cup dates, soaked for 1 hour

1/2 cup almonds

1/2 cup coconut flakes

2 tablespoons cacao powder (cocoa works)

1 scoop Golden Ratio Chocolate Bliss Protein Blends (optional)

1-1 1/2 cups pitted cherries

additional cacao powder, coconut flakes or cacao nibs for rolling



1. Place almonds in a food processor and pulse on high until coarsely chopped.

2. Remove dates from water and add to the food processor. Grind dates and almonds together on high until combined.

3. Add coconut, cacao and Golden Ratio Chocolate Bliss if using and continue mixing on high, scraping down sides of the processor as you go.

4. Begin to mold tablespoon sized amounts of chocolate “dough” around cherries, rolling with your hands to fulling surround each cherry.

5. Roll each bliss ball into your choice of toppings and set in the refrigerator until ready to enjoy!

To learn more about Golden Ratio and see all the other AWESOME products they offer,



Enjoy these super easy bliss balls and don’t forget to tag me, @NourishingNomsWithSam on Instagram with your #NourishingNoms!





Thats How The Girl Scout Cookie Crumbles (an arguMINT for my version of this American classic)

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It’s that time of year again.


The Girl Scouts of America are taking over the world one thin mint at a time. If you are like most people, you feel you have zero willpower against these adorable evil geniuses. How can you not support the growth and education of a group of young girls?


Not only are they incredibly overpriced, but girl scout cookies aren’t even GOOD FOR YOU. I feel like we all know this but I’ll post a photo of the nutrition label ANYWAY.

mtc_thinmint_lbbJunk, man. Not to mention a serving size is 4 cookies. 
Are you joking Girl Scouts of America? Because thats HILARIOUS.
Find me anyone in the world who is able to eat just 4 thin mints in one sitting.
4 sleeves, maybe.  Alas, I digest.

I’ve got a super easy cookie recipe to satisfy that thin mint craving. Go donate your cookie stash (and the guilt that comes with it) to a homeless person and whip up a batch of these healthier sweet treats. They are grain free and use simple ingredients. HOLLA!

Thin Minty Cookies

1 ripe avocado

1/2 cup raw cacao powder

1/2 cup granulated sweetener (I used coconut sugar)

1 tsp alcohol free peppermint extract

1 egg

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/8 tsp salt

1/4 cup chocolate chips (I used LILY’s Dark Chocolate Chips)


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and grease a cookie sheet

2. In a large bowl, mix ingredients until smooth. I used a mixer.

3.  Drop spoonfuls onto cookie sheet and use the back of the spoon to spread the batter into flat circles.

4. Bake cookies 9-10 minutes

5. Remove cookies from the oven and allow to cool on the pan. Lift off sheet with a spatula and enjoy with a glass of cold coconut milk!

Yum! Enjoy my friends!  Have you tried  this recipe? Let me know how you enjoyed it! Leave a comment below and share!

Cream Filled Chocolates and Valentines Day

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Every year, Al and I find ourselves saying the same thing.

“We don’t go big for Valentines Day”

and yet, every year, we exchange love notes, prepare a special dinner or make eachother healthy treats.

It is so very nice to enjoy a special day with your best friend. It never hurts to be reminded that you are loved.

Today I offer you two recipes that can be made at the same time. I blend my own coconut butter, so I used one bag and split the batch in half to make two flavors. BOOM.

Mint for him, Orange for me.

These babies are dairy free and low sugar.

If you are looking at this recipe and you’re NOT interested in making your own chocolate, I would suggest melting chocolate chips and using that instead.

Lily’s or Enjoy life are brands I have used before.

61mziqktG1L._SL1000_ 910ix6xqgXL._SL1500_

For those of you who know me, you know sugar and I don’t get along.

For this recipe, I set out to make it completely sugar free. Unfortunately, the intense dark chocolate really needs a powerful sweet flavor to balance it out. I knew stevia alone wouldn’t cut it, so I reached for my maple syrup. PERFECT touch.

I encourage you to use silicone molds for these candies. They make it a hell of a lot easier to remove the candy once they are hardened.

Enjoy this recipe and have a nourishing Valentines Day!




Cream Filled Chocolates

Recipe  by Samantha Rispoli


½ cup coconut butter

½ small ripe avocado

2 tsp peppermint extract

1/2 tsp liquid stevia

salt to taste



½ cup coconut butter

½ cup fresh squeezed orange juice

1 tsp orange zest

½ tsp liquid stevia

¼ tsp salt



recipe adapted from Wellness Mama’s recipe here

1 cup cocoa butter

½ cup raw cacao powder*

½ cup dark cocoa powder*

1 tsp liquid stevia

2 Tbsp organic maple syrup

¼ tsp sea salt

¼ tsp vanilla bean powder**


*Could combine these to 1 cup cocoa powder. I prefer a darker chocolate, so I used ½ cup dark cocoa

**Could use vanilla extract




To begin, I blended 1 bag of shredded coconut to make coconut butter. Alternatively, you could melt 1 cup of coconut butter and divide into two bowls.

  1. For the mint, add ½ avocado, peppermint, stevia and salt to coconut butter and mix until combined. Green color will be uniform. Taste and adjust sweet to your liking.
  2. Place bowl in the fridge to firm up, 15 minutes.



  1. In a separate bowl, combine remaining ½ cup coconut butter with orange juice, zest, stevia and salt.
  2. Place bowl in fridge to firm up, 15 minutes.




  1. Melt cocoa butter in a bowl over simmering water (double boiler) until melted.
  2. Whisk in cocoa powder, stevia, maple syrup, vanilla and salt. Taste and sweeten to your liking.
  3. Pour liquid chocolate into molds until half full.
  4. Place molds in the freezer to harden.
  5. When chocolate is firm, remove from the freezer and remove coconut fillings from fridge. Using ½ teaspoon scoops, spoon filling into molds. Repeat until all molds are filled.
  6. Cover molds with remaining chocolate and return to freezer until firm, about 10 minutes.

Enjoy with your sweetie!


Chocolate Avocado Truffles

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Christmas snuck up on me this year and I haven’t made a single Christmas cookie.

Crazy, right?

Actually, I haven’t felt like baking cookies this year but I’ve got an abundance of avocados ripening on my counter so I thought I’d share my favorite healthy truffle recipe with you!

You can tailor this recipe to your needs. I chose to use Lily’s brand dark chocolate chips, which are sweetened with stevia, for this recipe. I also love to use unsweetened chocolate and sweeten with whatever tickles my fancy that day.

The flavor possibilities with this recipe are endless! I made chocolate orange and peppermint truffles, but you can make mexican chocolate, raspberry, coconut, etc.

Annnnnd for an added bonus, I’ve included the link to the video I made of me MAKING THESE TRUFFLES. Enjoy!


Chocolate Avocado Truffles

By Samantha Rispoli


3/4 cup dark chocolate chips (or 6 oz unsweetened chocolate)

1 ripe organic avocado

IMG_41711/4 tsp pink himalayan salt

2 Tbsp fresh orange juice

1 Tbsp orange zest

(1 tsp liquid stevia, 1/4 cup coconut sugar, or what ever sweetener you choose to use if working with unsweetened chocolate)

cocoa or cacao powder, shredded coconut, cacao nibs, chopped goji berries, chopped nuts for coating the truffles


Replace orange juice and zest with:

Mint Chocolate- 2 tsp peppermint extract

Cinnamon- 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1 tsp cinnamon

Raspberry Chocolate- roll batter around a frozen raspberry

Mexican Chocolate- 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp chili powder


Begin by melting chocolate in a double boiler. If using unsweetened chocolate, add sweetener in at this time.

Mash avocado with a mixer until smooth. Pour melted chocolate in and mix until there is no more green and “batter” is smooth.

Add your flavors and salt!

Transfer batter mixture to a bowl and place it in the refrigerator  for 20-30 minutes until firm.

When batter is firm, take spoonfuls and roll into smooth balls. Roll truffle balls into preferred coatings and return to the fridge until you are ready to blow your friends and family away with these decadent truffles!


I hope you have a fabulous holiday!